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300 Plaza Middlesex Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone Fax:(860)346-3392 

Thai Gardens is a piece of Thailand brought to Connecticut to let people see
what is wonderful about it for themselves. See--and taste. Especially taste.
thai_gardens_slm_10.jpg (163434 bytes)It's open and airy, with Thai art and artifacts adorning the white walls.
The right side is open, with tables and booths, while the left side has
booths screened with green and white cotton print fabric, both for coziness
and, in the case of a large party, to keep the noise at a minimum. It's
intimate and welcoming; you know right off this is a labor of love and athai_garden_dinner_room_11.jpg (390277 bytes)
family operation. Thai Gardens' popularity is well-deserved, there are many
house specialties, and if you eat meat, you have to get the duck. It's
available in the traditional crispy duck or in two sensational deep-fried
boneless versions, one very hot and the other not as quite. If you like Thai or you want to try it for the first time spoil yourself and check out Thai Gardens.