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Customer Comments for Little Kitchen
Great bar, good wine, friendly bartenders. We ate at the bar and met some really interesting people. Wonderful bar for women to go out to eat, drink and meet people.

Jenna A.

I work in New York and this restaurant is as good as any I go to in Manhattan. I sat at the bar, as a single for dinner and had a great time. Wish the bar was even larger.

Robert P.

We had a party on Friday and we ordered delivery for dinner. No cooking we just set the table. Wish I could have takened credit for the cooking.
Great food and service just to let you know.


Ordered lunch for the office and had it delivered. I'm now the guru of lunch. Does Taipan delivery too ?


Thank you for your note Jamie. Both Little Kitchen and Taipan do delivery for lunch ($15.00 min.) and dinner ($20.00 min.).