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Soup of the Day / Chili Everyday (Call for Today's)
Bowl  $ 3.00
Cup    $ 2.50

with Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions, olives and balsamic dressing 
$ 3.99

Caesar Salad
with Romaine lettuce topped with tomato, olives and 
Caesar dressing 
$ 3.99

Grilled Chicken Insulata
with Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions, 
olives and balsamic dressing 
$ 5.99

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
with Romaine lettuce topped with tomato, 
olives and Caesar dressing 
$ 5.99

Chicken Fajita Salad
with bacon, marinated chicken, Romaine  lettuce 
topped with onions, peppers, tortilla strips and Ranch dressing 
$ 5.99

Antipasto Salad
with assorted cold cuts and cheeses, Romaine  lettuce, 
roasted peppers and balsamic dressing 
$ 5.99

Johnny's Greek Salad
with grilled chicken, Romaine  lettuce, Feta Cheese, 
tomato, olives and balsamic dressing 
$ 5.99

Roasted Vegetable Salad
with fresh roasted zucchini, onions, peppers, 
eggplant over Romaine  lettuce, Paramesan Cheese, 
and choose of dressing  (Balsamic, Ranch, Caesar)
$ 5.99

Add a scoop of Tuna, Chicken Salad or Grilled Chicken $ 2.00

Fiesta Time

Classic Fajita
chicken or steak with cheese, topped with onions, peppers, 
tomato in a wrap 
$ 4.99

Classic Quesadillas
chicken, steak or roasted vegetables, topped with cheese, 
onions, peppers, with sour cream & salsa on the side 
$ 5.50

Arroz Con Pollo 
Spanish yellow rice with grilled chicken, onions, 
peppers and beans
$ 5.50

Low Carbs ~ Guiltless Grill ~ Low Carbs
Served on Rolls Add $ 1.00 For Sub

Chilpotle Grilled Steak & Cheese  $ 5.25
Steak & Cheese $ 5.25

Johnny's Protein Plate
grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato $ 5.45

Grilled Chicken Plate fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and tomato $ 5.45

Grilled Chicken Sandwich lettuce, tomato, pickle and honey mustard $ 4.99

Grilled Chicken with PicoDeGallo salsa, lettuce, tomato on a wrap $ 4.99

Monterey Chicken
with cheese, bacon, onions and BBQ sauce  $ 5.25

Pastrami Nightmare
with Swiss cheese, onions, 
tomato and BBQ sauce 
$ 5.25

Johnny's Big Head Chicken Sandwich
with cheese, onions, 
bacon and honey mustard 
$ 5.25

Margarita Chicken
topped with Chilpotle, cheese, mayonnaise 
and salsa 
$ 5.25

Grilled Cuban Ham
with cheese, pickle, tomato, mayo, and mustard   $ 4.99

Johnny's Favorites
Served on Rolls Add $ 1.00 For Sub

Classic Chicken Cutlet
with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise  $ 4.99

Buffalo Chicken on a Roll
with Blue Cheese, lettuce and tomato  $ 4.99

Big Head Grilled Chicken
with honey mustard, Swiss, bacon, 
lettuce and tomato  $ 5.25

Turkey Club
on a roll with bacon. lettuce, tomato and mayo  $ 5.25

Cajun Turkey Club
with chipolte mayonnaise, bacon, cheese, 
lettuce and tomato $ 5.25

Chicken Milanese
chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers 
and  balsamic dressing 
$ 4.99

assorted cold cuts & cheese with roasted peppers, balsamic dressing, 
red onion, lettuce and tomato 
$ 4.99

homemade eggplant cutlet with fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, 
balsamic dressing, lettuce and tomato 
$ 4.99

New Jersey
oven roast beef with roasted peppers, horseradish, mayonnaise 
and provolone cheese
$ 5.25

New Yorker
oven roast beef with tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise and 
provolone cheese
$ 5.25

Down Towner
Roast Beef or turkey scattered with Russian dressing, 
Swiss cheese and coleslaw  
$ 5.25

Up Town
turkey breast with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing 
and coleslaw $ 5.25

Out of Town
turkey breast with cranberry mayo, 
bacon, lettuce and tomato $ 5.25

In Town
Chicken cutlet with herbs, cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato  $ 5.25

 El Polo Grilled Chicken with roasted peppers, red onion, provolone cheese 
and balsamic dressing 
$ 4.99

Cajun Roast Beef with chipolte mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce and tomato $ 5.25

Classic Ruben on Rye Corned Beef, Turkey or Pastrami  grilled with 
Swiss Cheese, Russian Dressing and Sauerkraut 
$ 5.50

Big Fat Fried Fish with cheese, tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato  $ 4.99

World Class Wraps

World Class Wraps  $ 4.99

Tuna Wrap with cheese, lettuce and tomato

Chicken Verona Wrap with pesto, mayonnaise, roasted peppers, provolone 
cheese, lettuce and tomato

Fresh Roasted Veggies Wrap topped with provolone cheese, lettuce, 
tomato and balsamic dressing

Turkey Club Wrap with fresh cranberry, mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce and tomato

Chicken Caesar Wrap with Caesar salad grilled chicken, tomato, 
parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing

Greek Chicken Wrap with feta cheese, chicken, tomato and balsamic dressing

Cajun Turkey Wrap with chipolte, mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato

Baja Chicken Wrap with chipolte mayonnaise, Cheddar cheese, 
bacon, lettuce and tomato

Turkey Melt Wrap with cheese, bacon, tomato and salsa


Penne Pasta Pompadora with  tomato sauce $ 5.99

Sunday Penne Pasta with meatballs and sausage $ 6.50

Penne Pasta with herbs, grilled chicken and tomato sauce $ 6.50

Penne Pasta with roasted veggies $ 5.99

Penne Pasta Abruzzi with meat sauce and roasted peppers $ 6.50

Johnny's Italian Favorites

Meatball Parmesan $ 4.25

Chicken Parmesan $ 4.99

Eggplant Parmesan $ 4.99

Italian Sausage Parmesan $ 4.99

Johnny's Burger Heaven

Fresh 8oz Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato & onion $ 3.99

Add French Fries $ 5.99

Johnny's Sandwiches
Served on Rolls Add $ 1.00 For Sub

Margarita Grilled Chicken with salsa, Cheddar cheese, 
lettuce and tomato. $ 5.25

Cajun Grilled Chicken with chipolte, cheese, mayonnaise and B.L.T. $ 5.25

Johnny's World Class Steak & Cheese with onions on a roll $ 5.25

Grilled Chipolte Steak cheese with chipolte mayo and onions $ 5.25

Grilled Steak Or Chicken Philly with cheese, onions and peppers $ 5.25

Grilled Italian Sausage with peppers, onions and provolone cheese $ 4.99

Grilled Pastrami Nightmare with Swiss cheese, grilled onions, 
tomato and mustard $ 5.25

Grilled Cuban Ham & Cheese Rye bread with Swiss cheese, 
kraut, and Russian dressing  $ 5.25

Corned Beef or Turkey Ruben with Swiss cheese, tomato and 
Russian dressing on Rye  $ 5.25

Grilled Chicken Portobello with mushrooms, Provolone cheese, tomatoes, 
and herb mayo  $ 5.25

Roast Beef Melt with pickle slices tomato, 
mayo and mustard  $ 5.25

Tuna with lettuce and tomato $ 4.99

Chicken Bacon Ranch with ranch dressing, cheese, lettuce and tomato $ 4.99

Turkey Club with mayonnaise and B.L.T. $ 5.25

Panini Sandwiches
Served on Rolls

Panini Di Prosciutto with chipolte, cheese, 
mayonnaise  and B.L.T. $ 5.25

Panini Frittata omelet with roasted veggies and 
provolone $ 5.25

Panini Angeli grilled eggplant cutlet, fresh mozzarella,
 roasted peppers,  lettuce and tomato $ 5.25

Panini Rustico Chicken cutlets with herbs roasted peppers 
and provolone. $ 5.25

Panini Grosso mixed Italian cold cuts, red onions, roasted peppers 
with balsamic dressing. $ 5.25

Pollo Di Panini Chicken cutlets, with fresh mozzarella, 
roasted peppers and balsamic dressing. $ 5.25

Bruschetta grilled Chicken, with fresh mozzarella, 
tomatoes on roasted Italian bread. $ 5.25

Extra Stuff

Extra Cheese  $ 0.50

Extra Peppers $ 0.50

French Fries  $ 3.00

Potato Salad  $ 2.50

Cole Slaw  $ 2.50

Bacon  $ 1.00

Drinks  $ 2.00 - $ 2.50

Tea . Coffee . Milk  $ 1.35


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